About Us

We started the business back in 2010 when it was formed by Emily Flanagan – “I started making truffles and chocolates for family and friends in my kitchen at home alongside my part time job. Word soon got around about my great flavours and before I knew it, I was spending all day, every day, making them. All our raw materials we use are of the highest quality, with our natural oils and spices being traced back to an ethical supplier.”.

After attending my first specialist chocolate course, I knew I could make it as a business. So with the help of my husband Iain, we started sourcing great ingredients and developing new flavours, which are getting bolder and bolder!

We then started taking our chocolates to farmer’s markets, school fetes and eventually some festivals and really enjoyed seeing peoples reactions to these new strong flavoured chocolates and still do!

Could not believe how busy we were getting to the extent that we could take on a part time lady, Jane in 2012, so it was now up to Jane and myself to make, package, label and box all of the chocolates, whilst Iain with the help of family and friends went out selling them all around the country at different events. By this time the whole house was taken over with chocolates, so in 2013 we moved into a small unit and only a year later in 2014, we took on another part time lady, Belinda who is actually Jane’s daughter. This helped us to be able to attend more events and supply more stockists with our great team of people!

With our growth – we now have a modern purpose built building in which to be creative in – we felt a need to re-brand ourselves. So in early 2015 we decided to change our name from Merry Berry Truffles, which sounded too much like that famous baker, to the Oddfellows Chocolate Company – a name that best reflects who and what we are about today and the future!

All the people behind our company have always wanted our chocolate to be as honest as possible, so we will continue to develop new contacts around the world to create better flavours! Chocolate flavours that are delicious on their own, but also well known for pairing them with different styles of real ale, ciders and coffees – great fun to do with a group of friends.

So finally thank you, we’d have never got this far without the support of our existing customers and their enthusiasm for our chocolate.

Four Promises To Chocolate

  • Always make chocolate be fun and a social event for our friends.
  • Never stop experimenting with flavours.
  • Constantly combine chocolate flavours with all kinds of new beverages.
  • Always express our love for chocolate!

meet our team

Emily Flanagan

Founder & Chocolatier

I love our Aniseed chocolate because it's really nice with a dark beer.

Iain Flanagan

Founder & Socialite

I really like Chilli & Orange, great with a strong hoppy IPA.

Amy Flanagan

Chief Taster

My favourite today is Lime & Ginger; I think...!

Our Partners

Norfolk Oils

Our natural oil suppliers only supply Oddfellows Chocolate with oils grown and distilled by the farmers of their co-operative. They’re able to provide us a full history of all operations carried out on its high standard of oils, from ‘seed to bottle’.

Each co-operative grower dedicates a proportion of their crop to aromatic herbs for added flavour, ensuring the kind of attention to detail we love.

It’s very important to Norfolk Oils that all the co-operative farms around the world are working family farms and they go to great efforts to make sure this is the case.

Rye Spice

The supplier of our spices have been providing an extensive range of dried herbs, spices, fruit, nuts for over 20 years. This third generation family business began in 1995, when they started to import peppers. They now pride themselves on their high level of traceable quality spices from all over the world.

Cocoa Suppliers

Here at Oddfellows we only use the highest grade cocoa available from various companies around the world. our cocoa is grown in a sustainable way and generates income for cocoa farmers and their families with all of our cocoa suppliers being members of the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF).

Oddfellows Chocolate would like to reiterate to all our customers that our cocoa suppliers take very seriously the provenance of their products. Their business depends on cocoa, a sensitive crop grown in some of the poorest areas of the world. The WCF are actively engaged in various countries to help ensure that cocoa is grown in a sustainable way and generates income for farmers and their families.

Both Oddfellows and its suppliers believe that the growers of cocoa should receive a fair price for their product. We all promote a sustainable cocoa economy through economic and social development and environmental stewardship in cocoa-growing communities.

Here at Oddfellows Chocolates we are not only sourcing our ingredients from small British Companies, but also supporting small family run businesses from around the world.